Evelyn Rainey

Bedina's War

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War is not just one point in time.  It is a beast that stalks beforehand, devours during, and terrorizes afterward.
But this beast has a master - the Universe - which prepares beforehand, sets aside a portion during, and heals afterward.
So it is with  Bedina's War.

Bedina’s War follows the interwoven lives of three generations during and after the War for Unification. 


Book One:  Song of the Tinker’s Damn

Space Lab Nationals keep secrets.  The secrets they know about technology could be used to annihilate mankind.  The secrets they know about history could unravel the finely woven threads of civilization. Morally opposed to divulge these secrets to any other peoples, Spa’Labs embrace the realization that sometimes the cure kills; they implant bombs into the brains of their children. The explosion, triggered if that individual is captured by a slaver, salvager, or Harvester, causes an immediate mental collapse followed within a year by physical death.  Victims are referred to in whispers as the Spa’Lab Walking Dead.  There has never been a cure for this secret, until Bedina’s War.


The Tinker’s Damn was a trading ship out of Orchidea, until the Commonwealth decided to secede from the Alliance, instigating Bedina’s War.  Now she ferries fighters to the battle fronts and keeps reconnaissance information flowing for the rebels.  Chief Engineer Julian comes across six Walking Dead stuffed into the trash bay of a confiscated salvage ship; he transports them to the Tinker’s Damn.  The harmonics of the Tinker’s engines slow the degeneration of the Spa’Labs, so Julian develops individualized copies of the ship’s song which can be used to cure any Walking Dead.  The secret is being able to dispense the cure before the Tinker’s Damn is eradicated.  Confronting Alliance saboteurs, Spa’Lab hunters, renegade Mission priests, and their own prejudices, the crew risks everything to protect the Song of the Tinker’s Damn.  Despite the fact that Lonicera is a Spa’Lab Walking Dead, Julian gambles everything to save her.


Book Two:  Lazy Eight Ladies

Thirty years after the end of Bedina’s War, Sally finally locates the place her husband died:  Orchidea, a Commonwealth planet where eighteen out of twenty people are men and the ability to read and write is rare.  Haskell is in the midst of helping Orchidea recover from the devastation of Bedina’s War.  He is as fiercely protective of his planet as he is of his heart. 


Haskell doesn’t trust Sally. She is a Space Lab National who married an Alliance warrior just before Bedina’s War.  She is a botanical scout searching for a rare orchid, but claims she has come to Orchidea for personal reasons.  She is in contact with the rulers of the same governments he fought against during the war, but she claims they are just communications with her family. 


Sally doesn’t understand Haskell.  He is a king who works beside his men as an equal.  He clings to the Commonwealth as if it hadn’t been obliterated by the Alliance.  He still grieves for a wife who died twenty years ago as a result of the Battle for Orchidea.


Sally reconnects the Infinity Communication Station with Haskell’s consent and begins writing letters for the illiterate Orchideans.  Women from other worlds begin to correspond with them.  Nicknamed for the infinity sign, these Lazy Eight Ladies transform Orchidea by merging the cultures and ethnicities of their worlds. 


Sally doesn’t treat Haskell like a king and he doesn’t treat her like a hero’s widow.  Together, they resurrect a planet betrayed by war.  Together, they heal each other’s hearts.


Book Three: As Needed

Tupelo’s wife Bedina machinated the War for Unification and the genocide of millions.  Tupelo was in love with her, but he couldn’t ignore the horrors she unleashed.  Manipulated by his government, his ethics, and his heart, Tupelo dealt with the guilt of Bedina’s actions as best he could:  he assassinated her.


Sixty years later, Tupelo writes his memoirs while a new battle arises from the ashes of Bedina’s War


First-Defender Hamm commands an outpost where soldiers are dying from a mysterious illness.  Hamm fears that the affliction is linked to the Military-Medical Harvester Accord drawn up at the end of the war.  This disease is sweeping through the military bases on all Alliance worlds, but leaving civilians unscathed.


As an Mission orphan, Hamm was not raised to be trusting.  As a warrior, he was not trained to be trusting.  But Hamm must trust Tupelo, the old man’s child-like slave who can single-handedly kill battle dogs, and the old man’s adopted daughter - a woman Hamm could grow to love.  These three, linked to Hamm by past events during Bedina’s War, hold the key to the cure.



Bedina’s War is Science Fiction with 143,000 words.


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