Evelyn Rainey

Evelyn Rainey

Author, Educator, Facilitator, Dreamer, Writer, Singer, Crocheter

Events, Conventions, Conferences

During the years 2010-15, I traveled extensively. I appeared at conventions and spoke at  conferences. I taught workshops and mini-lessons. I held book signings. I loved it all. And then cancer struck and kept me close to home for a while. The energy it takes to ride the convention circuit just hasn't returned, although I would love to do so.  
If you would like me to come speak and/or hold a book signing at your events, conventions or conferences I would be delighted to if the producer meets the following conditions: mileage is 50 cents per mile to and from my home, lodging is included if necessary; my autographed books will be sold sometime during the event;  and ample advertisement takes place for this event.

There are certain places I will not go to -- bars being one of them -- so please contact me.

For more information, please contact Denouement Literary Agency, LLC.


Books by Release Date
May 2017
Daisy and the Three Shoes
Gingersnap Press

July 2016
Comes the Warrior

August 2015
Laughing Humans
Portals Publishing
E-book, paperback and audio

July 2015
Stories for All Seasons
Amazon Digital
I edited and have a short story in this e-book produced by Writers for All Seasons.

July 2014
The Island Remains
Whiskey Creek Press
Paperback & e-book

December 2013
Perky's Books & Gifts
Bedlam Press
paperback & e-book

August 1, 2012
Bedina's War
Comfort Publishing
in trade-back and e-book

March 2011
Minna Pegeen
Comfort Publishing
in trade-back and e-book

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About Evelyn ~~

Evelyn Rainey has had seven novels published by traditional small press publishers in the last six years:  Minna Pegeen (Comfort Publishing),  Bedina's War (Comfort Publishing), Perky’s Books & Gifts (Bedlam Press), The Island Remains  (Whiskey Creek Press), Laughing Humans (Portals Publishing), Comes the Warrior (BLISS Books) and Daisy and the Three Shoes (Gingersnap Press). She edited and has a short story in Stories for All Seasons.


A frequent guest author and panelist for Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions and writer conferences, she also writes the Science Fiction/Fantasy Books column for BellaOnline – the second largest women’s emagazine in the world.  Previously, she wrote the Veterans column for BellaOnline for three years.  She has been published in Zero Signal, Lakeland Ledger, Polk County Democrat, World Treasury of Golden Poems, Youth Alive, Wesleyan Magazine and the Polk County Poetry Anthology. She enjoys corresponding with people who have read her books and/or who want to discuss the Art and Business of writing.


For ten years, she facilitated Writers for All Seasons and now facilitates Writers at Unity.  She has been an educator for thirty-some-odd years.  With degrees and certificates in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School Integrated Curriculum, Gifted, ESOL, and Journalism, she currently teaches Language Arts and Social Studies at Gibbons Street Elementary. Prior to that, she provided consultation for Gifted students and their teachers in traditional classrooms as well as alternative facilities including jails. Outside of the school system, she is an herbalist, a master of crochet, a singer and she loves to do book-signings.


Following her bliss, Rainey now owns and operates three traditional small presses: GingerSnap Press (Mother-tested and Grandma-approved Books for Children), Bliss Books, LLC (Building Life-long Inspirational & Successful Strategies) and Portals Publishing, LLC (The Best Books are Portals to a New World). All three are imprints of her Denouement Literary Agency, LLC.

On a more personal level:
My home – Fern Cottage – is certified as a natural habitat by the
National Wildlife Federation (which means it provides food, shelter, water, and breeding areas for wildlife and does not use fertilizers or pesticides) and is a haven to many endangered birds, lizards, and plants.  Currently, I am foster mother to over a thousand tadpoles (I can differentiate three separate kinds) and share my home with Bruno (a Chihuahua who was best friends with Daisy) and two cats (Stardust and Eclipse)who showed up the day after Moonbeam died, and now their three kittens -- Ginger (the model for Gingersnap Press), Pepper (whose name may be changed to 'Stache since she has half a white mustache), and Sunspot. My avocado tree is loaded this year and I share fresh pineapples with my friends. My tadpole ponds are not quite as busy this year, but I still am serenaded by thousands of the adult frogs each night.   

People often ask me when I find  time to write as much as I do.  It's easy, I spend my time doing what's important to me; everything else takes a back-seat.   Most of my life, writing had to take the back-seat.  I wrote for decades with no thought of becoming published.  There were just too many other necessary responsibilities that took precedence before I could  do all it takes to market a manuscript.  But I never stopped writing.  Finally, there came a point in my life when I did have time to invest in the business-side of writing.  Four years of 'letters of declination' passed before BellaOnline hired me as the Veterans' columnist and another six months passed before Comfort Publishing bought my  first novel. 

My favorite authors: not in any certain order, but beginning with CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien and closely followed by  Robert Jordan, Louis L'Amour, Rachel Carson, Douglas Adams, and Scott Cunningham.  My research comes from many different areas, but a great deal of it comes from 
A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M Grieve FRHS first published 1931 by Jonathan Cape Ltd. My favorite books come into my possession from tiny thrift stores and Goodwill and the Salvation Army. They often call out to me, "Buy me! You need to read me!!" And they are more often than not - RIGHT.

Spiritually, I follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  He is my Lord, my Savior, and my dearest companion. I mention this because, as you read my  novels, you may wonder about my spiritual path.  I believe there is more grace than sin, more joy than sorrow, and more hope than despair.  I believe none of us are strangers to despair, but when given the choice between darkness and light, we should choose the light.  I believe we are placed on this earth to help each other, but we are just visiting here.  We are souls who during these brief years have a body. 


I hope the feel of this page reflects me -- a woman who lives simply, enjoys good friends and great food and loves to tell stories and sing songs.  



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