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Paper Back Writer by the Beatles.
Evelyn Rainey

The Island Remains

The Island Remains
is now available  as a paperback as well as e-book through
Whiskey Creek Press,
Amazon, and other fine e-book stores.

Invaders come and go, but the island remains

When Germans occupy the English Channel Island Helierhou during WWII, Delamair befriends the general and does what she can to make life better for all involved.  But when the general is replaced, she discovers the new colonel, Karl von Kruppstieg, expects more from her than she has ever given anyone.  He believes he owns the island – and her.  In the background, Captain Luther Sizemore waits and finally teaches her that love and intimacy are more precious than even life itself.

While the Heliers and their occupiers grapple in a world conquered by darkness, they find hope in friendship, family and faith, for – when the darkness passes – these things remain.

The Island Remains is a Historical Fiction set in the last year of WWII.

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