Evelyn Rainey

Perky's Books and Gifts


After working for almost 6 years part time at  my favorite book store, I just had to write this book.  If you spend some of your Saturdays in the cafe of your local bookstore, you know what I mean.  


Perky's Books & Gifts was released Dec. 10, 2013 and both e-books and paperbacks are available now. It is published by Bedlam Press.  

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Welcome to Perky’s Books and Gifts where gardening books blossom into bouquets, cookbooks sizzle with succulent juices, and Military History books can be lethal.  Don’t mind the mutilated body behind the werewolf display, or the fact that the café manager is an egregore; Frankenstein was one, too.


When librosprites begin to disrupt Perky’s Books and Gifts, Madison and her fellow Perky employees and customers have to merge their Christian and Wiccan differences to evoke spritephage demons, solve two murders and prevent a third, and adapt to the take-over of Tobogaton Nationals. 


So, welcome to Perky’s Books and Gifts!  


The story of Perky’s Books and Gifts begins with murder and ends with true love.  It is told by Madison, Perky’s Night Manager.


Greg is an egregore (a man-made demon) which doesn’t want to die, so he has to prevent the last heir of his creator from becoming good. 


Oh, and by the way, Greg breeds librosprites as a hobby in his spare time.


When librosprites (they are sort of like static electricity with a wicked sense of humor) infest Perky’s bookstore, Madison and her Perky friends devise a plan to evoke spritephage demons which will consume the librosprites.  Her friends, however, have to overcome their religious differences (spanning from Roman Catholic to Wiccan and every faith in between) first.


Oh, and along the way, Madison and Thomas get married, the god and goddess of War shape-shift and fly away together, and Elizabeth is reunited with her true love.


All in a day’s work for any normal bookstore.


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